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With the following form, you can create your own wedding photography package. As you scroll down a bit, you can see te final price based on your selections. Every option has its own description down below the page. If you have any special request (you want to try us before the wedding or your wedding is outside of Hungary), feel free to write it into the notes box.

If you can not find what you need just fill out the form as close to your needs as you can, send it in, and call me!

We will respond within maximum two business days for your request. If it does not happen or should you have any further questions please contact us! Our direct number is: +36 30 5565391.


Basic PackageClassic PackageExclusive PackagePremium Package
Minimum number of photographs300 - 600600 - 900900 - 20002000 <
Hours of availability4812All day + 2 hours
Fine Art Photobook   1
Internet gallery (1 year guarantee) +  +  +  + 
Digitally remastered +  +  +  + 
Surprise gift... +  +  +  + 
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Help for the wedding price quote calculator


+ 1 photographer: There are two photographers working in this case, a woman and a man. It can be really beneficial since we have completely different photographing style and prospective of what we see. Women might consider other things important than men, so the photos will show larger variety. Furthermore two photoraphers can be at more places simultanously that can be handy when the bride and bridegroom dresses up in separate rooms at the same time or the number of guests are around 80 people or more. Nobody can see everything at the same time, but we try to capture as much as we can with attention to details...


+ 2 hours of availability: We are there for 2 hours more than what is included in the package. It means more work and more photos. This extra time can be used for engagement or creative photography as well if the couple wants this to be done on a day different than the wedding day.


Projected slideshow: We can bring our projector and a screen to show your best moments for the guests that we took earlier or a few days before the Big Day.


Wedding highlights video: Our professional cinematographer takes short records from every parts of the wedding and will compose it into a short 5-10 minutes, short video clip with music and special effects.You can read more about this service on our MoksaVideo page.


Drone photos: If we have the time, the weather is good and it is legal to fly a drone in the area of the wedding and the proper flight permissions are given, it is possible to take drone photos as well. It can be very very handy when the number of guests are more than 100 and we want to take a group shot. It also brings us a completely new perspective as we will be able to see ourselves and our environment from the bird's view.


Downloadable file: As a cost effective solution. You can download your images or we can copy them onto your pen drive. You should keep in mind though that downloads and uploads might take a long time since the files are really large, an average wedding can be 16-25 GBytes.


DVD discs: Nowadays, they are going out from fashion but still we left it as an option. We present the photos on a traditional, hand made, custom designed DVD box and discs. Based on the number of pictures, a complete wedding shoot can fit on 3-8 discs.


Crystal USB pen-drive: We give your photos on a brand new, luxurious, completely handmade box and a 16Gbytes or 32GBytes Crystal USB pen drive. The drive has a blue LED inside that lits up when connected.


Crystal USB pen-drive + large prints: Same as above except it is a much larger box that will also hold 10 pieces of 15x20 cm large prints. You can pick what photos you want there.


Minimum number of photographs: We look thorough every photos very carefully. Ideally both we and our clients like the final images, but we think it is verty important to create enough images to pick from. Our experience shows that no matter how qualified and techniqually skilled the photographer is, the couple might like a few photos different than we are. We like to give you the option to choose what you want. It also depends on the dynamics of the event and the number of guests, how many photos are taken. If both of us working, you can expect about twice as many pictures. The numbers indicate the lower limit but there is no maximum limit. It means even a Classic package can have 1500 photos depending on the enviroment.


Hours of availability: Many photographers divide their wedding packages by ceremony and creative session. We put everything together and count only with the time. So when we say 8 hours availability that means you can use this time both for creative session, engagement photography or for the ceremony in the ratio you wish. Another speciality is that you can use this time divided by two days. Let's say you want an Exclusive package, you can use 2 hours on Thursday for creative photography, and 10 hours on Saturday, on the wedding day itself. Regardless of wedding packages, we take photos until 02:00 AM the latest (what is happening after you might not even want a photo anyways ;-).


Prints: This means 10x15 cm paper prints on high quality, glossy Kodak Royal Gold paper. At the end of the photo session, all images will go to a password protected web gallery where you can view them and/or order them as well. If you are making an order and have a wedding package already, you will have to pay for the extra images, outside of the package only. You can also order larger prints as well, up to A4 size, but you need to let us know in the notes section of your order.


Fine art Photo Book: This is a 14 hard, metallic pages, 30x30 cm large, premium quality Fine Art Photobook. You can custom select the cover materials and the photo you want to be attached ono the front side. We digitally design the content that will be sent to you before the book goes to the print in case you want to modify something, so finally you will get exactly what you want.


Internet gallery/album: We give you a web album that is password protected. You can view and order from the images you see up there. It can be very handy when your guests are wondering about the pictures. Give them the password and after registration anybody can see the photos. We guarantee minimum 1 year that your photos can be accessed online on our server.


Digitally remastered: We look thorough every photos, cut them, adjust the right exposure, colors, do simple retouch if necessary, while trying to keep the images natural. We do not like oversaturated colors, washed out faces, but if you have a scar on your face that normally is not a part of you and do not like it, for sure we remove it.
We also create a black and white, sepia, a small and a large version of the images. The small images are good for social networking, emails, Facebook posts, the large ones are for prints.


Distance from Hévíz: We located in Hévíz (8380) Hungary right now and we go from here countrywide. We are absolutely mobile, so going to the cities next to ours are the same as do a job in Croatia, England or overseas. Travelling compensation is to be discussed personally.


+ 2 hours: This is a part of the Premium package. It means that we will give you an extra 2 hours session on a day shortly before or after the wedding day.


Surprise...: If I tell you it will not be a surprise anymore... ;-)

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