About wedding photography and me

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My name is Zoltán Füzesi, the founder and owner of Moksaphoto. Many asked why did I pick this name, what is that mean: Moksaphoto? On a nice summer evening, I closed my eyes and took a book from the shelf. I opened it and randomly put my finger on it. I checked the word under and it was freedom and the book was from Péter Müler: Love. Well, I thought it would work, since I love photography and my style is as free and spontaneous as possible. I do not prefer overcomposed, artificial, rigid setups. I like when my model can be what she or he wants to be and catch the right moment when they forget that there is a camera. Freedom means Moksa in sanskrit language that also means free from the karma. Why is it sanskrit? It could be a very long story so I will not go there for now. Photo just got glued to the end to relate better to photography, that is how I made Moksaphoto! :)

I was interested in photography at my early age, but did not have opportunity to gather ground for this desire before digital photography become available for home use as well. However old school way of developing film still has its own beauty, new technology has given a lot faster, cheaper and more comfortable ways of checking the result of our work, precisely perfection our subject matter.
My first digital camera was an Olympus C-3000 Zoom, but after my Canon 20D DSLR was the real breakthorough in my photography and that was followed by the 5D series. I sticked with the Canon brand even today and try to keep up with the technology as much as I can, and use professional quality lens and other accessories.


I always look for oppurtunity for creative work. First time I drew a lot, later I created miniature dye-cast models and finally worked as a freelance desktop publisher, designing logos, newspapers, advertising and other printed materials. These skills become handy when I got a job in the USA and worked for 5 years at the State Bar of Wisconsin as a web developer (click here for my professional background). In these years not just the programming side, the analytic thinking was important but the creative design part as well.

It was always important for me to create something that had satisfied not just the customers, but myself as well. This way of approach follows me even when I am creating websites which is my other freelance activity besides photography. This experience helps me a lot to provide high quality services while it is driven by inner inspiration. Professional photographs are often needed when I am creating a website so it is a great supplement for a truly complete service.

The main characteristic of my photography is spontaneousness. I think rigid, strictly preplanned settings would destroy the honest, true face of the subject. My pictures talk by themselves, take a look at my galleries.


Hi there! My name is Magdaléna, for friends just Magdi!

Originally I am from Poland but I can speak English, a bit of Russian and I learned basic level of Hungarian.
Everything started few years ago when I got first camera for my birthday. Photography then quickly become one of my passions. First I was taking pictures for my pleasure but it changed very quickly to something more than just a hobby. I am photographer who likes to catch real beauty of people, places and animals. I also like to catch the real, honest moments, feelings and emotions and try to avoid predetermined setups. You can see my private album here from some of my random photos, feel free to take a look.


As my nick Moksa suggests as well, physical distance is just an insignificant theoretic matter in my case, I photograph anything, anywhere in Hungary and in other countries as well. We had sessions in Croatia, USA, Germany and the UK as well. I speak fluent English and a little bit of German in case we need to communicate in different languages.

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