It has been a log time I was plannig to go on this trip that now comes to reality. Where did it come from? I turn to be 50 this year and yess it is a lot :) a half of a century, but we can not stop the wheel of time. But let''s see the bright side: I feel blessed and grateful that I could live so far, especially in this world of today, so I should celebrate it on a special way.

Like with photography, providing the right amount of light for a task can have a significant impact on efficiency, productivity, and safety. The amount of light needed to properly illuminate a task or process can vary by application. Lux, lumen, and candela what do these mean and what is the difference?

What is a shutter count? The number of expos, images we shot with your camera. Every mechanic device such as our camera''s shutter curtain that does this hard job, blocking or releasing light onto the sensor, will not last forever. After a number of times it breaks and then you can buy a new shutter curtain or most likely, another camera.

Fortunately we did not get the Covid19 vírus and hopefully it will never reach here. We continue working as before!

The wedding season is getting over by December, however theer are more company events and other interesting happenings where a photographer is needed. With the title of Steel and Heart, a new historical armament exhibition had opened to the public on december 5th of 2019 in the Hungarian National Museum that is very unique of its kind.

  When we finished with post processing your photos - unless you want it otherwise - we upload them to one of our password protected online photo gallery. There you can look, download all your photos and/or order paper copies. If you want a photobook then you can use the same page to select what photos you want to be edited into the book.

It looks like 2019 is devoted to renew and learning. While you try to accomplich your tasks as good as possible, it is very hard to save time for self development, experiment on your own, even though it is essential to be a better photographer. Thanks for Magistero right at the begining of this year''s season, they have organized a wedding photography inspirational workshop.

I thought about a lot if I should make this page publilc since it is my personal matter where I am going and what I am doing, but so many friends asked me to talk about our experiences, show pictures then I decided to create this photo blog, so it is available for everyone. It is more simple and faster this way, pictures can tell more than a thousand words.

Wedding couples usually have similar questions about our services. That inspired me to create this interactive function on our website. You can create your own customized wedding photography package offer and send it to us in a minute! Should you have any special request except that is offered, we are open and willing to find a resolution that is the best for you as well.

A few weeks ago I had a local photo shoot that is very practical since my office is only a few metres away from the Mayor's office and the Catholic church. The wedding couple with all the guests and the dinner/party were hosted in Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa Hévíz hotel, that is also just a few minutes walk away from me.

What’s the difference between buying from a Canon authorized dealer, an unauthorized dealer, and the grey market? How does this affect warranty service? Where do unauthorized dealers get their stock from? There is significant misinformation floating around on the Internet in blog posts and forums regarding this topic.

I would rather be on the other side of the camera but this time, things had turned around, "the butcher got slashed". We got visited by the local TV station, Hévíz TV to make an interview with me in the name of the Day of Hungarian Photography. Somehow, I was extremely embarrassed, in front of the microphone and the large camera I felt like somebody who got tossed onto the stage to sing in front of a stadium full of people.

Baptism Ceremony is also a big event, a bit similar to a wedding where many family members and friends may come to participate, however only a few people would think that it would worth to hire a photographer for that. A ceremony like that develops a lot of inspirational moments that would be interesting to shoot, the events in the church, group shots with the family or in the meantime while the attendants are having friendly conversation after the ceremony dinner.

I have been waiting for years for the new member of the 5D series to come out, and now here we go! The new Canon 5D Mark IV is here! I was not happy with the 5D Mark III nor the 5Ds or 5DsR. None of those could provide the right features that I really needed while the price was significantly high.

Nagy kihívás, amikor az ember hivatásos fotózásra adja a fejét. Nemcsak azért, mert egy sor elvárásnak meg kell felelni, de rengeteg olyan dolgot is kell csinálni, aminek csak kevés köze van a fotózáshoz, mégis nélkülözhetetlen adalék ahhoz hogy vállalkozásként működve is sikeres lehessen. Honlapfejlesztés, keresőoptimalizálás, blogírás, kapcsolattartás az ügyfelekkel, árajánlat írás, számlaadminisztráció, esküvőkiállításra felkészülés, annak lebonyolítása, fotoklub tagság frissítése.

Canon has been transitioning to a 10-digit lens serial number (starting in 2008) and ending the inclusion of a separate manufacturing date code. While date codes and the shorter serial number are still found on some lenses, this inclusion will likely end completely. We loved the date code because it made aging a lens easy.

Not as an official photographer, but a the love of equestrian sports drove us to participate on this International event. It was extremely hot and I did not want to carry my heavy equipment, so I just took a Canon Rebel SL1 and a light but old Canon EF 70-300 lens. The focus is not always as good as it should be and the lens abberation can be visible for the trained eye here and there, but I think finally I could create a useful set of pictures.

  A wedding can be a pricey event. Who should we choose, an expensive or a cheap photographer? First of all, it is relative what is expensive and what is not. It depends on, what we are comparing to each other. As you can go and have a meal at Tornado Steakhouse, or get Roman Noodles in the corner shop which you have to do on your own.

Thanks for the opportunity for the Hévíz Community Center, that we could participate at this great event! I hope that our photos will bring back nice memories and make you happy. We could try something new here the photo botth or photo corner, which is already very popular in other countries outside of Hungary.

I think we can all agree that the reason we hire a professional photographer for a project is because we want a reliable service, the best quality images that is possible and he or she would do everything that is needed to achieve this goal. This is logical, but we can not forget about one more component what might seem insignificant, however can have large impact on the final result.

This year, the wedding photography sessions started earlier at Moksaphoto than in the previous years and that is good news. Earlier we were booked up in the late spring, summer and autumn months but our calendar is already filled up until July 2014. It is impossible to predict occupancy since clients find me by the summarized results of previous experience, friends, Google search or wedding expos.

And again we did a marathon photography session with new models, thanks to Csenge R Göncz who needed a new portfolio for her work. Like last time the most important thing was to show the makeup as much as possible. This time we had more time to play with the lights, the settings to get the best results.

I worked in a studio before, but it had always been some temporary solution. One of my big dreams was to have my very own place, a special "laboratory" where I can experiment with photography and expand my photo services. Finally my dream come true now! On top of that it is in a very good location, in the middle of the city center, on the opposite side and only a few metres away from the mayor''s office.

We are over the first weddiong expo in this year that was held in the Ferenc Kölcsey High School on January 26th, 2014. I would like to thank Tímea Gengeliczky for her great organizing work. She had worked really hard to make it as good as possible and brought precise attention to the smallest details.

Once we have processed the photos, the complete wedding, event, portfolio albums can be viewed on our website. Of course, only the owner can see these, that is why we created password protection on them. This password is called the album password. Please do not mix the album password with the one you have used at the registration!

Many thinks that wedding photography is just merely about pressing the expose button on a camera for a day, then download the images from the memory card and then copy them to a disc and send it by post... In the real world that''s not true at all. Actually getting home after the party is just a beginning of a lengthy and hard work!

We usually need at least a 1.5-2 hours session in a day, when we can take pictures from the couple together, away from others. It is advisable to bring your best friends as well in case we need a helping hand and to make you to feel more relaxed. It is better to let even more time for this session, so you have less things to worry about.

Only those will say this who has no or little self confidence. They can not even imagine how they are going to look like on the photos. I have heard many times from couples that they have not even planned to have photos taken because they are ugly and they have never did this before. So for sure, it must be problematic and it is just an unnecessary hassle.

Of course they should, actually it is usually inevitable. There is no problem with this, but possibly they should do it on a way that they will not disturb the professional photographer who was hired to do this work.   The invited guests mainly come to a wedding to celebrate, right? Those who are continuously busy with their cameras can not really be a part of the events.

Every once in a while we can find those kind of breathtaking wedding photos that are so precisely designed, so well composed, so perfectly retouched that they look so idealistic like shoots from a famous movie. This is all nice and myself loves these images as well, but most people may not think that many of these (there are a few exceptions and I do not want to make judgement on other''s work of course) where the photographer had been working with professional models dressed up as brides and bridegrooms, famous make up artists and professionally light up photo studios.

This is an evergreen, ever returning question. Many may think - especially today''s economical crisis - that if it is really necessary to hire a professional photographer when so many people have cameras? The guests and relatives can make so many photographs, do we really need this?...   Perhaps it is possible that a family friend who has experience in photography will be able to take nice shoots, but.

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