How can we help the photographer to create better photos?

I think we can all agree that the reason we hire a professional photographer for a project is because we want a reliable service, the best quality images that is possible and he or she would do everything that is needed to achieve this goal. This is logical, but we can not forget about one more component what might seem insignificant, however can have large impact on the final result. I collected a few from these situations that can make the environment much better for the photo session however it does not need much energy to take care of. I hope those who are preparing for a wedding or company event will read this and can learn something to cooperate better with the photographer for everyone's benefit.


  • The position of the microphone on an event: I guess nobody likes if in the middle of their photo there is a tripod reaches in or a microphone covers half of their face. Usually it does not take much effort to place these equipments where it does not disturb the view. I usually discuss it with the organizers before the event but it is even better if they mind it without any notice.
  • Those colorful bottles on the tables: Most people may not even think about this in the flow of the events, but might be more disturbing when watching the pictures if everywhere you look is a large Coca-Cola, Fanta, mineral water and/or juice in a box like in a tv commercial, pulling away the focus from the real subject. Of course I try to fix everyting I can at the retuch process, but it then becomes very time consuming and still sometimes it is impossible to get around them. I think one of the best solution - and I often see this at weddings - that they pour drinks into special, nice bottles that are in harmony with the other decorational elements of the party.
  • The placement of the photographer: if the photographer works for the whole day in a wedding he is usually invited to the supper what is a very nice gesture from the couple. I would like to use this opportunity to thanks for this for all the couples whom I could take their weddings photos. Most of the time I could be there as a part of the family and it gives me great inspiration and for sure will have very positive effect on the photos. To make good pictures it is inevitable to create a good atmosphere, closer connection to the models, therefore the entire group of guests. So it is important to place the photographer where he can physically see the events. Of course I will not take photos of people when they are eating and their mouth is full (unfortunately it is not obvious for everybody) but anything can happen suddenly that is a great moment to shoot. If the photographer is somewhere down in the basement, he might miss something important.
  • Introduction of the photographer to the most important persons, continuous information flow: Unfortunately it is often skipped because of the lack of time. Usually I meet with the couple only before the wedding, and on the Big Day I have to take photos of completely strangers who I see there at the first time in my life and trying to figure out who is with whom. Of course I try my best to catch every important moment, but it happened already that they pulled in the wedding cake, superfast behind my back while I was taking photos of a couple in the opposite corner of the room. The ceremony master can help a lot in a situation like this or at least I can get instructions and introduction of the main coreography and people before anything happens.

Well, that is it for now, I will expand this list later...

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